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What is the #CampusClear Initiative?

Protecting the health and safety of learning communities is paramount for education leaders, and planning a safe return to campus during a global pandemic is a complex challenge. However, recent health sciences research has shown that daily self-screening, combined with a “FastPass” or “Passport” (allowing/disallowing access to buildings) have dramatically reduced the spread of COVID-19 in a hospital environment setting. CampusClear is a partnership initiative between, Creighton University and Stony Brook University that formed to provide a technological solution to the challenge of self-screening (or self-surveying) as a foundational strategy of the return-to-campus initiative. #CampusClear is a free app built to help colleges and universities return to campus safely and make informed decisions about on-campus activity.

Simple Self Screening Is Key

Self-screening is easy, intuitive, and actionable. It takes less than 10 seconds to self-screen, end-user privacy is protected via encryption and 2FA (only accessible for administrators), and the app can be customized to capture the information you need as the crisis evolves.

Please remember that all self-screening applications are educational, not diagnostic.

Encouraging your community to self-screen helps create a culture of awareness and social responsibility. It also helps to scale the availability of care providers by reducing the volume of worried students and employees returning to campus. This enables student health agencies to focus their attention on the most needed COVID-19 related health risks.

Built-in Campus FastPass

Preventing infected individuals from visiting campus is a critical factor in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Using the mobile app, prompt your entire campus community to self-screen each day by answering a single question. Based on the custom rules you’ve defined, the app will automatically inform your users whether or not they are permitted to visit campus.

Campus FastPass reduces the risk of healthy students and employees being exposed in crowded buildings, clinics, or hospitals on campus. It is our hope that Campus FastPass can be a critical element of your safe return to campus.

How it Works

Communicate and Promote

Send a text message or email to all university stakeholders with a link to download the app for iOS or Android. Create operational policies and practices around the results provided from the app.


Students, Faculty and Staff, authenticate using your .edu email address. Campus visitors must register with an email address and phone number for contact tracing efforts.

Collect Data and Guidance

Individuals self-screen each day and receive an appropriate response ( e.g. “Welcome to campus”, “Please stay at home”, “Please seek medical attention”) Direct your users according to their self-screening results.

Take Action

As data is collected, university leaders have a real-time view of trends with actionable information to utilize contact tracing or adjust operating policies as needed

Real-time Actionable Information

As a community, we must do everything possible to create safe and productive learning environments. #CampusClear provides a powerful administrative dashboard, delivering key insights on your daily survey question.

The dashboard includes daily reports, aggregated statistics by category, overall trends, and anonymous benchmarking with other schools.

Use this real-time information for decisions about closures, cancellations and adjustments to on-campus policies and procedures.

Get peace of mind and do everything possible to return to campus safely.

Power Your Contact
Tracing Efforts

Upload class schedule information to allow #CampusClear to cross-references reported user information. This helps to identify possible classroom exposures and identify campus hot spots.

Combining self-reported data with student information from a Student Information System (SIS) provides universities with an intuitive and powerful tool for contact tracing. is dedicated to protecting anonymity and privacy. Only authorized administrators have access to protected data and information.

Completely Customizable

Almost everything in the mobile app can be customized. Customize the daily question and the response options presented to users. Make necessary changes as the crisis evolves and as different sets of actionable information may be required over time.

#CampusClear can also be configured to display your school logo, colors and of course, your customized messaging.

How are you feeling?
No Symptoms
Fever You are not cleared
Shortness of Breath
Flu-like symptoms
New Lack of smell Nausea
Sore throat

Pilot and Launch
in minutes

With school right around the corner, time is of the essence. As soon as school administrators are approved for access, they can begin customizing the mobile app experience. Customization takes only a few minutes and once complete, pilot programs can commence with a small audience or the wider school community.

Thank You to our Partners

We would like to sincerely thank our development partners, Creighton University and Stony Brook University on this important project. Your guidance and support have been invaluable. We also want to thank our strategic partners for their contributions. We hope this technology helps your students, staff, and community partners stay safe and thrive this fall and beyond. Also, thank you for helping us avail this technology to universities worldwide. We’re all in this together.

Please help us spread the word and share #CampusClear with your social networks, forums, list servs, school administrators and wider community.

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